Highlights of the Howland Public Library 2020 Five Year Plan


The Howland Public Library, located on Market Square in the heart of the Beacon City School District, will be a center of community activity and will provide the collections, services, programs, and facilities necessary to realize its service mission.


To provide materials and services to help our community obtain information to meet their personal, educational and professional needs. Special emphasis is placed on supplying current reading materials; on providing reference services; and on making facilities available for local individuals, organizations and agencies to do community work in a safe environment. The library serves as a learning and activities center for all residents of the Beacon City School District.

To accomplish this Mission, the Board of Trustees, Director and staff of the Howland Public Library will do its best to achieve the Goals set forth below in the following five areas.


GOAL– Improve communication to all constituencies regarding the importance and vitality of the HPL.


  • Make the public aware of the different kinds of materials available through press releases, mailings, online newsletters, and in-library and outreach posters, and links on City of Beacon, BCSD, cultural and other organization websites.
  • Work with local as well as regional third-parties to provide relevant materials and programming.
  • Enhance community engagement through outreach to a variety of groups. Seek input from residents regarding their needs.
  • Allow individuals to explore and understand their personal heritage and local history.


  • Enhance publicity through improved program notifications on partner web-sites, social media, annual print newsletter, etc. Use local press and other media to communicate events and plans to the public.

  • Enhance school district communication newsletters and outreach.

  • Continue to collaborate with other libraries and community agencies and organizations.

  • Encourage community groups to provide library exhibits about their heritage

  • Develop a partnership with The Beacon Historical Society to promote research and display historical artifacts.

II.            SERVICE

GOAL- To embrace the future, including initiatives and projects that make more information resources available to everyone, and to provide a framework for converting historical, genealogical and gift resources into easily used and widely accessible materials


  • Improve and enhance existing collection of books, CDs and DVD to meet the needs of a growing and diverse user base.

  • Improve and enhance library technological resources to meet the needs of a growing and diverse user base

  • Explore plan of service for residents in areas of community unable to come to 313 Main Street.

  • Support digital literacy learning initiatives.

  • Provide robust early childhood education programs, and provide homework assistance.

  • Develop closer relationship with schools in Beacon Central School District.


GOAL –   Maintain, renovate and reconstruct existing library facility in response to the changing needs of our community.


  • Insure funding to complete needed maintenance projects.

  • Create flexible storage solutions in order to adjust print to e-format materials space utilization and meet Community Use Service Goals.

  • Action. Hire a consultant to evaluate overall use of space and make design, décor and usage recommendations.

  • D .Renovate 307 and 309 in accord with HPL Vision Statement as a center of community activity, centrally located in the Market Square section of Main Street.


GOAL – Insure continuity of leadership and build future workforce.

Objectives – Board of Trustees will work with the Director to insure that all functions and services of the library are adequately staffed.


GOAL –   to enable the HPL to grow and improve through an integrated program of fundraising and by citizen participation and public vote.


  • Establish a permanent mechanism for carrying through capital project(s) fund raising campaigns

  • Provide necessary support to strengthen Friends of HPL for ongoing funding of extra-budget items.

  • Improve advocacy in relation to City, County, and State representatives, the NYS Board of Regents and the NYS Office of Education

  • Apply for grants to support Library2020 Goals and Objectives